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About Us

For over 75 years, FISHER has been the forerunner of quality sound and eye-catching style. Since the introduction of the first FISHER audio product in 1937 to todays digital music systems, the FISHER continues a tradition of excellence and innovation-bringing contemporary style, dynamic sound and cutting edge technology to todays lifestyles.

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            The FISHER Legacy

FISHER was the brand name for hi-fi electronic equipment manufactured in New York by The Fisher Radio Corporation during the “golden age” of the vacuum tube, which was named after the company founder, Avery Fisher (1906-1994).

Continuing the Tradition

Passion for Sound

Lasting Innovation

FISHER continues the Fisher tradition; crisp, clear, quality sound from an audio brand you have come to trust. FISHER is the top of sound offered in an integrated line of audio products. Fisher reinvents itself by bringing high definition to audio you come to know and love. Fisher today, is the culmination of advanced audio technologies and intuitive design - featuring products that enhance your entertainment and music listening experience.

We are a sound company. Our products enhance the content you love with awe-inspiring sound quality and even more ways to access it. Like you, we live for those unforgettable music, the goose- bumps from a song, binge-listening a favorite song and our unabashed love of music.

FISHER keeps it simple. We believe simplicity is a way of life and innovation is how we conduct our everyday business. It’s smarter decisions, thoughtful design, purposeful technology that is relevant for you. We aren’t only interested in industry firsts – we want innovations that last

Everything we do begins with you. It’s not just where technology is headed, it’s how technology enhances your life. We reinvent products with you in mind, as an integral part of every decision we make so you experience a simpler product that fits beautifully in your world.

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Hours Of Operation


Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm
​​Saturday: Closed
​Sunday: Closed

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